What kind of curtain will fit on any wall?

So, in the crowd of different colored curtains in the market, which one will fit on the wall of your house, and which one will look inappropriate, are you worried about this? Although the matter seems a bit complicated, but not so complicated! Just a little calculation, but the curtains on the wall will be exactly like the mind!

Let’s start with the wall of the living room or drawing room, the walls of this neat room should be decorated with curtains that will keep your room bright and bright. In order not to make the room look dark with the crowd of furniture, light colored thin curtains will be suitable for the walls of this room. In this case white or off-white synthetic fabric curtains can be chosen. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the color of the screen does not match with the walls.

Speaking of the dining room, you can choose brightly colored curtains for the walls of this room. Usually, the dining room is next to the kitchen, and if the sun is hot in this room, it will not be possible to eat peacefully. So, understanding the shape and color of the walls, brown, reddish orange, maroon or chocolate colored print curtains will not look bad on the walls of the dining room.

The most important room in the house is the bedroom. The fatigue of the whole day seems to go away in an instant as soon as you enter the bedroom. And so, for the walls of the bedroom I want a little heavier, but cotton cloth curtains. Protecting privacy is just as important as ventilating the house. So light pink, green, azure or peach color can be perfect for screen selection.

In this case you can also use two level screens. The house will look more beautiful if you hang a thick cloth curtain in front and hang a net curtain of different colors behind it. Usually when the net screen is white, it looks beautiful. But off-white, this screen of the net brings peace to the tidiest room of the house. On the one hand, it will maintain the privacy of the room, on the other hand, it will also provide light and air in the room.

If you want, you can lightly fasten the net curtain with a belt on both sides, this will make the room a little different, with the entry of air.

On the other hand, the curtains for the walls of the children’s room should be bright colors. Just as children will be happy to see cartoon printed screens, this time of childhood will also become livelier.

However, the other thing to keep in mind when choosing curtains for the walls is the color and shape of the room. The color of the walls and the curtains should never be the same color. If the size of the room is small and the number of furniture is also large, you can choose light one-color curtains instead of dark color print curtains.

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