Worried About Small House?

No matter how small or big the house is, it is a world of our own. And we all want that house to be beautiful and peaceful. Bengalis only love peace. We have a desperate endeavor to live beautifully and happily on a piece of land under the sky. It is said that there is no happiness like home, home, or anywhere else. And so, our best thinking consciousness surrounds that house. Trying to decorate neatly. Your personality is enhanced with sadha and sadhya. However, modern flats are often much smaller. That’s why we have some thoughts about the size of this small house.

We are currently quite accustomed to small flats. But there is no end to our worries about the interior of that small house. We still think about where to put any furniture in that room of love, what kind of furniture to buy will make the room look good, what color to paint on the walls is good, what to buy to decorate the house, etc. Above all, we are all thinking about how to make this small room more intelligent so that it looks a little bigger. We often lose sight of thousands of such questions.

We will discuss about all the factors on today’s blog!

Light and Air

Light air is a must not only for small rooms but also for large flats. Proper circulation of light and air ensures good health of the indoor environment. The feeling of suffocation is no more. It is better to use light colored curtains in the street to allow light air to enter. And heavy furniture should never be kept in these places. Many times, the indoor environment just does not stay healthy in the air of the batter fan or AC. So, first of all, pay attention to the light and air. It also keeps your mind cheerful.

Clean Cleanliness

A proverb we often hear is that the kitchen and the bathroom of a person’s house, just by looking at the condition of these two places, one can get an idea about their taste and cleanliness. Decorating is definitely a matter of taste. But cleanliness should never be neglected. Especially in the case of small flats, it is never right to take it lightly. There is no substitute for cleanliness to ensure the health of the whole house, not just the bathroom.

Color Manipulation

In the case of small flats, the color of the walls or furniture covers a large area. Make sure the color of the furniture is light. It is no longer a matter of suffocation. If you stay in a small room, you will endure everything. This meditation should come out of the concept now. You can try using something bright as the color of the walls. Sunlight will reflect that color throughout the room, creating a completely unique atmosphere.

Variety and size of furniture

Bring variety to the furniture. Don’t buy all furniture the same height. Smaller flats will look smaller. So you can try using low height furniture. The house will look bigger and there will always be a combination of light air.

Green ceremonies and artificial flowers

Bring vitality to the house with small plants. It will look lively if the green or colorful trees can be arranged neatly next to the light furniture. Or you can use artificial flowers. Will color around your house. Liveliness and freshness are the main ingredients in decorating a small house.

Use of tiles on the floor

It is better to use tiles of different patterns to decorate large flats. However, white tiles are best for small rooms. White tiles increase the brightness of the house and make the house bigger. Although white colored tiles get dirty very easily, you can try using other colored tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

The idea of ​​heavy furniture

The smaller the room, the less heavy furniture should be used. Heavy furniture takes up more space at the same time, light blocks air circulation and spoils the beauty of the house. It is better not to use heavy design and as much as possible. The smaller the room the smaller the size. So you can make furniture made of iron or partex. The cost will be less, will be conventional and will make the room look bigger and bigger.

Wall decoration

It is better to use white paint on the walls of small houses. The white tiles as well as the white walls will make the house look huge and look good. You can use different colors of wallpaper on the wall will bring variety. And yes, of course the wallpaper will stick in a long way.

Also do not wear any achar on the wall. Keep it clean at all times. It is better not to keep any extra colors or paintings. Otherwise, the small house will look smaller. Bind any picture frame vertically.

Use of artificial light

If there is not enough light in the room, arrange artificial lighting. At present there are various colors and outdoor lights available according to the size of the house. Place the light in the right place in the drawing room. If you want, you can also put a lamp in the corner. This night will fill your small world with light.

Keep the mirror, don’t keep it

In a small room, the mirror thing is very important. Try to give a complete mirror on one side of the dining or drawing room. The size of the room will look huge and the flat will not look small anymore. Use Thai glass on doors or windows. The cost will be lower.

Tidy dining and drawing room

First of all, choose the drawing-room furniture. You can buy a cane chair or sofa to place the small furniture according to your comfort!!

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